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World Congress Spotlight Series: Thirteenth and Fourteenth ISDE World Congresses

27 Jul 2021 4:10 PM | ISDE Office (Administrator)

As part of our ISDE 40th Anniversary celebration, you’ll read in upcoming months about each of the ISDE Congresses. This article summarizes the 13th and 14th ISDE World Congresses.

The 13th ISDE World Congress was held in Venice, Italy, in October 2012 (Figure 1). It was presided over by Professors Ermanno Ancona, Giovanni Zaninotto, and Francesco Di Mario (Figure 2). The ISDE President was Prof. Jan Tack (Figure 3). The venue, on Venice Lido, a barrier island, was very relaxed and historic (Figure 4). Transportation to the main island and other interesting locations was done by a variety of public and private water taxis, a very fun and romantic way to get about. Local members from the internationally renowned esophagology centers in Padua and Milan as well as other centers in Italy represented their country well. Known as “The gate for the East,” Venice welcomed strong representation from the Middle and Far East. Social highlights of the Venice meeting included entertainment in traditional dress (Figure 5) and delicious local cuisine.

The 14th ISDE World Congress took place in Vancouver, Canada, in September 2014 (Figure 6). This was the first ISDE Congress that was organized by the new ISDE management firm, International Conference Services (ICS), rather than being planned and hosted by a local ISDE leader. The ISDE President was Professor Jeffrey Peters (Figure 7). The opening ceremonies featured energetic dances by First Nations performers (Figure 8). The attendance was robust (Figure 9), the scientific program was diverse and interesting, and the weather was excellent. Like Venice, Italy, water taxis were a very popular mode of transportation in Vancouver (Figure 10). The venue for the gala dinner featured the spectacular waterside views that Vancouver is famous for (Figure 11). Side trips to Vancouver Island, Seattle, and Banff National Park were very popular.

Legends for figures:

Figure 1. Announcement for the 13th ISDE World Congress.

Figure 2. 13th ISDE World Congress Presidents (Professors Di Mario, Zaninotto, Ancona).

Figure 3. Prof. Tack, ISDE President during the 13th ISDE World Congress.

Figure 4. The Venice Lido, site of the 13th ISDE World Congress.

Figure 5. Traditional dress in Venice, Italy.

Figure 6. Vancouver, Canada, site of the 14th ISDE World Congress.

Figure 7. Prof. Peters, ISDE President for the 14th World Congress.

Figure 8. Opening ceremony dances by First Nations performers during the 14th World Congress.

Figure 9. Networking during the 14th World Congress.

Figure 10. Water taxis served as transportation in some areas in Vancouver.

Figure 11. The gala dinner during the 14th World Congress.

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