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World Congress Spotlight Series: Ninth and Tenth ISDE World Congresses

27 May 2021 5:35 PM | ISDE Office (Administrator)

As part of our ISDE 40th Anniversary celebration, you’ll read in upcoming months about each of the ISDE Congresses. This article summarizes the 9th and 10th ISDE World Congresses.

The 9th ISDE World Congress was held in Madrid, Spain, in May 2004 (Figure 1). It was presided over by Prof. Enrique Moreno-Gonzalez (Figure 2), and the ISDE President was Prof. Toni Lerut. The venue was the Doce de Octubre University Hospital (Figure 3). Thirty-four countries were represented among a total of 756 registrants, and 480 papers or posters were presented. Just prior to this meeting a new ISDE constitution was adopted that codified the society’s commitment to represent all specialties interested in esophageal disease and called for balanced specialty representation in both committee and society leadership. At this time the ISDE also elected to change the frequency of its meetings from triennial to biennial.

The 10th ISDE World Congress took place in Adelaide, Australia, in February 2006. In the interim between congresses, the ISDE Secretariat moved from Tokyo to Los Angeles, California, under the auspices of Executive Director Prof. Tom DeMeester. This was ISDE’s first congress under its new governance structure and the first biennial meeting. In keeping with the new governance, the Congress was hosted by Prof. Glyn Jamieson (a surgeon; Figure 4) and Prof. John Dent (a gastroenterologist; Figure 5). The ISDE President was Prof. Andre Duranceau. In addition to an outstanding scientific program, the social events were very attractive (Figure 6), and many registrants toured the nearby wine country (Figure 7). The timing of the Congress coincided with the Adelaide Fringe festival, an eclectic and entertaining event that took place in multiple different venues across the city (Figure 8).

Legends for figures:

Figure 1.  Poster announcing the 9th ISDE World Congress in Madrid, Spain.

Figure 2.  Professor Enrique Moreno-Gonzalez, 9th ISDE World Congress President.

Figure 3.  Doce de Octubre University Hospital, the venue for the 9th ISDE World Congress.

Figure 4.  Prof. Glyn Jamieson.

Figure 5.  Prof. John Dent and family.

Figure 6.  Social event at the 10th ISDE World Congress.

Figure 7. Social event at the 10th ISDE World Congress.

Figure 8. Poster for the 2006 Adelaide Fringe festival.

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