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Did you attend the 15th ISDE World Congress in Singapore or you didn´t manage to come this year but want access the congress content anyway? 

Our ISDE 2016 library will be filled soon with ISDE2016 recordings and presentations as well as related scientific material.

ISDE Members will have free access to the recordings. So, if you are not a member yet, JOIN the ISDE community today!

Get a first preview of the ISDE2016 videos right now:

PL03: Plenary Session 3: Detection and Management of Premalignant Barrett Lesions

PL03.01: Advanced imaging technologies for biopsy-based detection of dysplasia - Kenneth K. Wang, USA

PL13: Plenary Session 13: Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease 

PL13.01: The multifactorial pathogenesis of GERD - Peter Kahrilas, USA

PL13.02: State of the art medical treatment - Peter Kahrilas, USA

PL13.03: Novel pharmacological opportunities - Richard Holloway, Australia

PL13.04: Pharmacological intervention in the acid pocket - Jan Tack, Belgium

PL13.05: Definition and diagnostic work-up of refractory GERD - Steven DeMeester, USA 

 Plenary Session 15: Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease 

PL15.01: Can the magnetic ring compete with conventional surgery? - Steven DeMeester, USA

PL15.02: Combined pH-impedance monitoring in nonresponders to PPI - Richard Holloway, Australia

PL15.03: Endoluminal treatment options - John Hunter, USA

PL15.04: Partial fundoplication to avoid the side effects of Nissen - David Watson, Australia 

More videos and available in the Members-Only Section soon!

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