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Disease of the Esophagus (DOTE) Journal

Diseases of the Esophagus covers all aspects of the esophagus - etiology, investigation and diagnosis, and both medical and surgical treatment. The Journal includes primary research papers, short reports, commissioned review articles, correspondence, book and equipment reviews, annotated abstracts and announcements of meetings.

As of 2017, Oxford University Press (OUP) is publishing Diseases of the Esophagus. Read more here.

2018 Impact Factor

The ISDE journal Diseases of the Esophagus impact factor continues to increase and is now 2.71 (up from 2.146 in 2015), placing it at 53 out of 78 titles in Gastroenterology and Hepatology category of the Journal Citation Reports.

Thank you to all the contributors, the associate editors and reviewers for their great job!

Editor's Choice Articles

Editor's Choice Articles are fee articles from the ISDE society journal Diseases of the Esophagus. Find out what the latest choice of Giovanni Zaninotto and Neil Gupta has been on the DOTE website.

Journal Issues

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DOTE Awards 2017/2018

Diseases of the Esophagus will be giving an award to the top original research manuscript by a junior faculty or trainee author accepted for publication in the journal.

Diseases of the Esophagus will be giving an award to the top junior faculty Peer Reviewer of 2017 for the journal.

Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief: Giovanni Zaninotto and Neil Gupta

Managing Editor: Corrie Williams-Klamborowski, dote.editorialoffice@oup.com

Associate Editors (Surgical)

Associate Editors (Medical)

Long Qi Chen
Paolo DeCoppi
Xavier Djourno
Hiran Chrishantha Fernando
Lorenzo Ferri
Marco Fisichella
Tony Godfrey
Young T Kim
Yuko Kitagawa
Simon Law
Moishe Liberman
Donald Low
Sheraz  Markar
Daniela Molena
Magnus Nillson
Manuel Pera
Alberto Ruol
David van der Zee
Jan J B VanLanschot

Guest Editor, Pathology:

Michael Vieth

Guest Editor, Statistics:

Francesca Fiorentino
Julian Abrams
Pradeep Bhandari
C. Prakash Gyawali
Vani Konda
K K (Sheila) Krishnadath
Renuka Malik
Michael Mitchell
Shan Rajendra
Sabine Roman
Edoardo Savarino 
Tarita Thomas
Mukund Venu
John M. Wo

Editors Emeriti:

Claude Deschamps
Andre Duranceau
John Pandolfino
Ken Wang

Affiliated Societies

International  Interdisciplinary  Everything Esophageal

The International Society for Diseases of the Esophagus is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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