The ISDE is an international, multispecialty society devoted to the study of the esophagus in disease and in health
that was founded in 1979.

The aims of the ISDE are to promote the exchange of scientific and medical knowledge among specialists in the field, to maintain interchange with organizations and industries, and to encourage basic and clinical research in fields related to the esophagus.

Therefore individual members, associated and affiliated societies, and industry representatives are invited to submit proposals for organizing Pre-/Post-Congress Courses on behalf of the ISDE and for the benefit of ISDE members, taking into account the following guidelines.

Submissions are invited from individual members, associated and affiliated societies, and industry.

DOWNLOAD the Guidlines for Organizers HERE


The program of the Pre-/Post-Congress Course should cover a half (4h) / full day (8h) and should utilize experts who are already scheduled to attend the Congress as much as possible. Organizers are encouraged to include hands on experience into their course to demonstrate equipment, or provide training in methodologies, or may use interactive sessions where appropriate. Courses should note be comprised solely of lectures. Invited speakers or trainers to complement the local expertise who are not already scheduled to participate in the Congress are allowed, but these should not make up the majority of the program. It is expected that the organizers plan the course program based on their individual areas of expertise.

The topic and suggested program should be submitted to the ISDE for approval at least 9 months prior to the Congress and may need to be amended according to comments received from the ISDE Executive Director, ISDE Program Committee, and/or the ISDE Congress Secretariat.

Besides the proposal should include:

  • A title and topic for the program
  • A concise course description (max. 250 words) including a clear statement of the issues the course addresses and the perceived educational need for the course
  • The educational goals and objectives of the course
  • The prerequisite knowledge required for attending the course
  • The course level and target audience
  • Projected audience size
  • The course methods and materials


Depending on the type of course we expect 15-20 for a practical hands-on course and 50-100 for any other types of courses. Registration fees will be finalized after discussion with the ISDE and according to the budget/number of delegates. The course is cancelled if the break-even point cannot be reached 4 weeks before the congress date and therefore would involve a loss.

All costs related to the course will need to be budgeted for, and securing funding to cover the budget that is not covered by course registration fees is the responsibility of the course organizers.

Courses would normally be open to ISDE members / congress participants only.



It is expected that the budget be kept conservative in order to keep the registration fees low and reasonable.

The organizer is expected to submit a proposed budget to the ISDE for approval, which should include:

  • Audio Visual Equipment and further technical needs
  • Consumables for practical work
  • Costs for rent/use of equipment
  • Overnight accommodation for invited speakers (if applicable)
  • Invited speakers’ travel support (if applicable)
  • Catering
  • Honoraria (if applicable)
  • Sponsorship Revenue


  • A minimum of USD 5,000 or 20% of the revenues for the course (whichever is greater) will be directly transferred to the ISDE congress budget.
  • Remaining revenues will be split equally between the course organizer and the ISDE
  • All income and expenses will be managed by the ISDE Congress Secretariat. No direct payments should be made to the organizers of the events.
  • Any additional expenses to the initial budget have to be approved by the ISDE Executive Director and the ISDE Congress Secretariat.
  • The organizer of the Pre-/Post-Congress Course will be responsible for any financial losses incurred.



The practical organization of the Pre-/Post-Congress Course is the responsibility of the course organizer (in cooperation with the congress organizer). It is the responsibility of the course organizer to connect and select local partners for specific tasks linked to the course. The tasks of these partners will be developed in consultation with the ISDE Executive Director, the ISDE Program Committee, and the ISDE Congress Secretariat.

Logistical matters to take into consideration

Meeting room requirements for the Pre-/Post-congress Course:

  • Size of meeting room
  • Room layout (theatre, boardroom, classroom style, etc.)
  • Audio visual equipment (projector, screen, microphones etc.)
  • Special equipment (electrical appliances, etc.)
  • Catering requirements (coffee breaks, lunch, etc.)
  • Etc.

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