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Dr. David Watson

David Watson

Secretary, Executive Committee, ISDE.

2018 is in full swing, and promises to be a great year for the ISDE. This is the year of our Congress in Vienna! Vienna is a great city. I am sure anyone who has visited Vienna already needs no encouragement to return, and if you haven’t visited before, this is your opportunity – don’t miss out - join us for what will be a great opportunity to meet with old friends and to make many new friends from around the World. At this Congress we will hear about and debate the latest ideas and research in esophageal disease. I am confident we will all leave with our knowledge and views expanded.

In addition to our biannual Congress, the ISDE continues to work to support the field of esophagology by expanding knowledge, and developing international consensus guidelines. For example, ISDE is supporting the development of guidelines for the management of achalasia. Members have also worked together to develop a structure and classification for reporting complications following esophagectomy and this is standardising reporting world-wide, and allowing more robust comparisons of surgical outcomes. I am particularly excited by the opportunity we have to rapidly collect outcome data for esophageal cancer surgery via the Esodata project. This is rapidly developing a very large worldwide database for esophagectomy and outcomes following surgery for esophageal cancer. The opportunity this offers to improve practice worldwide, and to save lives, is enormous.

The ISDE is your society. It brings together clinicians and scientists from around the world, and together we will continue to improve the care of people suffering from esophageal diseases. I look forward to seeing you in Vienna.

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